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W.G.Bagnall Ltd, Works No. 2842

W.G.Bagnall Ltd, Castle Engine Works, Stafford
Works No. 2842 of 1946
“2” The Kent Electric Power Company

This post World War 2 locomotive was a standard product of the time of its builder, a four wheeled industrial saddle tank with 14” cylinders. Ordered officially on 11th October 1945 for delivery in April 1946 but was actually not finished until the end of July 1946 and seen on rail in transit at Bletchley on 31st July en route to Littlebrook Power Station, Dartford, Kent, being ordered by the City of London Electric Supply Department.

Not long owned by the Kent Electric Power Co it became property of the British Electric Authority in April 1948 and later the Central Electricity Authority before being possibly sold to dealer “Abelson” on 11th June 1956 or at least put in his hands for sale. Surprisingly it was sold to Croydon “A” power station, by then owned by the CEGB in November 1959. Only used occasionally and by 1965 it was out of use and sat outside until 1972 when a group of school boys from the area took an interest and enquired if it was for sale. The response in November 1972 was acceptance of their tender form but as “A” station was due to be demolished the new owners had her moved by rail to Croydon “B” power station. The usual cleaning and painting work started whilst on the look out for a new home. The established preserved railways in the area were not interested in an industrial loco but a new outfit was found and the outcome was that Bagnall 2842 became the first locomotive to arrive on the infant Mid-Hants Railway on the 24th July 1973. Little work was done apart from removing the tubes before local interest diminished by the arrival of ex BR main line locos. By 1980 an external paint job had been done and the loco was loaned to Tuckton Park, Christchurch, Dorset for display at the entrance and perhaps somewhat surprisingly it was named “Hampshire”. This was on the 31st May 1980 and it stayed there until returning to Ropley in November 1982. On the move again 20th May 1986 to the Avon Valley Railway, again judged too small for use and by 2000 was displayed at Warmley Station site on an isolated piece of track.

By 2003 myself and my brothers were looking for a steam project to take to the Foxfield Railway and after an offer was accepted she arrived there on 23rd September 2003.

Bearing in mind it was some 40 years since she had steamed she was in creditable condition.

As with a lot of these projects a lot of goodwill and exuberance had left many parts missing, some were found in vans and the long grass at the Avon Valley, other parts were never recovered and had to be made.
In very short terms between 2003 and 2010 new running boards and bunkers were fitted, dumb buffers replaced with spring ones, all fittings overhauled, new piston rings and a damn good clean and paint into her stunning post office red with added racing stripes added to her cylinder covers! The boiler had the firebox removed and repaired, new outer sides fitted and some building up of the front tubeplate. June 2010 saw her first moves under her own power for some 45 years and in the July she double headed all weekend with Haydock Foundry “Bellorophon” at the Foxfield Summer Steam Gala and ran faultlessly apart from a low hanging guard iron hitting a raised rail head. 2842 ran the full length of her boiler ticket until 2020 running at the Chasewater Railway, Middleton and of course Foxfield.

She was relocated to Rowsley in late 2022 and her second overhaul began this time including tyre turning and axlebox work, she returned to service in September 2023 and pulled all of the Santa Specials with no faults. Currently she is in the shed receiving a well deserved repaint.

Specifications as built:
Wheel diameter: 3’-6 ½”
Wheelbase: 5’-6”
Cylinders: 14”x22” outside
Tank capacity: 660 gallons
Bunker capacity: 36cu.ft.
Weight in working order: 27 Tons
Heating surface tubes: 498sq. ft.
Heating surface firebox: 52sq. ft.
Heating surface total: 550sq.ft.
Grate area: 9 sq.ft.
Boiler pressure: 160. Lbs/
Tractive effort at 85%: 13,798 lbs.

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Green Steam Timetable
Rowsley South (Depart)11:0013:0015:00
Darley Dale (Arrive)11:0613:0615:06
Darley Dale (Depart)11:1513:1515:15
Matlock Platform 2 (Arrive)11:3013:3015:30
Matlock Platform 2 (Depart)11:4013:4015:40
Darley Dale (Arrive)12:1214:1216:12
Darley Dale (Depart)12:2014:2516:15
Rowsley South (Arrive)12:2614:3116:21
Ticket TypeReturn/ Rover (Can be used all day)Single Journey (One way)
Senior Citizen (Age 66 and over)£10.00£8.00
All Children under 16FREEFREE

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