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Peak Railway Association Update 24/08/20

In my message of 12/05/20 I mentioned that Pete Waller, the Membership Secretary, would be sending out renewal letters for members whose membership expired between March and May. The response was excellent and at the end of June a total of £3672 had been banked with £751 of this being donations. In early July the renewals for June to August were posted and so far £1653 has been banked with £269 being donations. There are more renewals currently being processed. The response to membership renewals has been tremendous. The Directors would like to thank all who have renewed and especially those members who have been so generous with their donations. The current thinking is to put these and future donations into a ring fenced fund. This will finance an as yet to be specified project on Peak Rail. In future membership renewals and reminders will be posted out every two or three months rather than waiting for inclusion with Peak Express mailing. Friday 14th August saw the first PRA Board meeting since the end of February. It was decided to use Darley Dale Station Museum as this would allow sufficient space for Social Distancing. Gordon Caro, who has done so much to develop Buxton Branch and restart activity on Buxton site, was unanimously co-opted onto the Board. Pete Waller indicated that an edition of Peak Express would be published in the Autumn. Articles being developed, hopefully for inclusion, include one on the line to Stancliffe Quarry and another on the […]

Permanent Way News: Re-Opening the Department

On Thursday 28th May the P-Way Dept re-opened for the first time since Lockdown had been introduced and Peak Rail operations suspended. The return could only take place after careful consideration of the risks involved and how these could be managed. The starting point of the process was the ORR publication of their Inspection Guidance on Heritage Railway Recovery Plan in Response to Covid-19. I decided to formulate a Re-Opening Plan for the P-Way Dept based on the ORR document. It seemed that the two key factors to consider were guidelines regarding Covid-19 for volunteers and that there had been no P-Way activity for two months. The first part of the Plan looked at mitigating probable risks to Volunteers returning to P-Way duties from Covid-19. The draft plan was then emailed to the regular members of the P-Way team for their consideration. All were happy with the proposed procedures and the Plan was forwarded to the Office at Matlock. With approval of the Plan from the Office I phoned all the team to gather their opinion on when to re-open. No sooner had we all met up the normal banter began. Yet not everything would be normal starting with us all meeting up outside the Mess Coach and observing Social Distancing. With the insults to each other out of the way it was down to business with a Health and Safety review. This involved not just Personal Track Safety but also issues around Covid-19. Everyone was reminded to keep to […]


Back to Steam Timetable 2021

OPERATING TIMETABLE: Back to Steam 2021   
Rowsley South (Depart)110012421424

Palatine Restaurant Car Operating Dates

The Palatine Restaurant Car ONLY operates on the coloured dates (as shown)

Steam Experience Operating Calendar


Please refer to our Back in Steam page for train times

Rowsley South (Depart)1100121413281442
Darley Dale (Arrive)1105121913331447
Darley Dale (Depart)1107122113351449
Matlock Platform 2 (Arrive)1122123613501504
Matlock Platform 2 (Depart)1132124614001514
Darley Dale (Arrive)1147130114151529
Darley Dale (Depart)1149130314171531
Rowsley South (Arrive)1154130814221536
Rowsley South (Depart)11001214132814421556
Darley Dale (Arrive)11051219133314471601
Darley Dale (Depart)11071221133514491603
Matlock Platform 2 (Arrive)11221236135015041618
Matlock Platform 2 (Depart)11321246140015141628
Darley Dale (Arrive)11471301141515291643
Darley Dale (Depart)11491303141715311645
Rowsley South (Arrive)11541308142215361651

Peak Rail Operating Calendar

We will release dates as we progress – please refer to our “Back in Steam” page for more information

Please note Peak Rail is only open on the event dates shown.  If a date is blank then Peak Rail is closed and there will be no trains on that day.