Engine no. 68006 – The John Hilton Peak Rail Archives – Video 2/16

OK, so the footage here is fairly low resolution, but we didn’t want to miss anything out and preserve John’s footage in all it’s glory. If nothing else it reflects just how far digital video production has come in a relatively short time.

Background to this footage: We have kindly been donated some photos and video footage by Mr John Hilton. In total there was 46 minutes of footage. So we’ve edited the footage into 15 films, which we are going to release over the coming weeks.

When we have released all 15 excerpts we will publish the final unedited video as produced and supplied by John.

We’d love to receive more old footage and/or photos of days and events gone by at Peak Rail that we can then share by adding it to our YouTube Channel. This we hope will help to preserve history and help us all remember days gone by.