Archives: November 2018

Andrew Wilson Heritage Shunters Gala

The late May Bank Holiday weekend, 25th and 26th, saw one of our special events take place at the shunters yard at Rowsley South.  The event was our first Shunters Gala of the year and was held in memory of the charismatic Andrew Wilson who we sadly lost in 2019.

The event was well attended and there were many shunters on display as well as a few operating on the track ferrying visitors back and forth.  A ticket into the event meant visitors could ride all day, take a look at the shunters in the two sheds owned by the Heritage Shunters Trust, and view the many shunters still laying dorment in the yard, awaiting one day to be repaired and renovated.

Tea and refreshments were on offer all day.

On the other side of the level crossing Peak Rail were running a normal operating service, meaning visitors to the Gala could also take a ride on our train, fronted by our steam locomotive at one end and our diesel locomotive at the other, down to Matlock, where the fair had come to town and there was the Matlock CAMRA beer festival been held at the Matlock Town Football Ground.

At Rowsley South refreshments were on offer as always, and the shops at Rowsley and Matlock were open for visitors.

The Heritage Shunters Trust run two galas each year, so don’t worry if you missed out on your opportunity to see the shunters in action this time, you could always make a date for this year’s other Heritage Shunters Gala to be held on the 7th and 8th September 2019.